My Story

My entry into the arena of "Caring for the Mentally Ill" arose from a personal tragedy in which I lost my wife and son. Mental illness was centered around this tragedy and gave me a first hand look at the devastation and destruction of the severe mental illness called schizophrenia. I bore witness not only to a patient afflicted by this dreadful disease, but also the shortfalls, discrepancies, and the mind set present in the mental health system which includes, mental health professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists, members of law enforcement and the Justice Department. From this tragedy, it became my earnest desire to become an advocate for the mentally ill. I started this new organization Caring for the Mentally Ill Charities, Corporation (CMICC) to reach out to all individuals afflicted with mental illness and connect them to resources that serve through counseling, housing, medication and treatment, and legal services. Our organization is aimed at recovery and enabling people with mental illness to live meaningful lives in their communities and achieve full potential.

My earnest wish also is to turn our organization into a national grass-roots organization advocating exclusively on behalf of the most seriously mentally ill. By creating a grass-roots membership organization, we can generate the massive number of calls and visits to legislators to effect much needed change. Our target is to advocate exclusively for the serious ill, namely, patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, and major clinical depression. This is where the greatest need is required. Our primary goal is a well funded grass-roots organization free of pharmaceutical and special-interest funding, that advocates exclusively for the most seriously ill, a place where families of the most seriously ill can gather and organize to improve the system at the state and federal levels.

There are hundreds of thousands of heroic moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and children around the country who desperately seek help for seriously mentally ill loved ones and cannot get it. WHO WILL HELP THEM?