Addressing the Rotary club of Irvine, the subject matter is mental illness and that's taking place on the 29th January, 2020.


Anandha Pillay (Andy) is the CEO and Founder of the organization, Caring for the Mentally Ill Charities Corporation. He holds a Degree in Pharmacy and has been a health care professional for 30 years. Andy started the organization on the account of tragic circumstances involving mental illness. He has devoted his life advocating for the seriously mentally ill in all circumstances that the mentally ill find themselves namely in medical treatment, hospitalization, homelessness, victimization, legal representation and incarceration.

Reginald Kyles received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Biola University in LaMirada, CA., and is actively pursuing his Master's in Business Administration (MBA) at Ashford University. He is a resident in Riverside, California and is occupying the position as the Marketing and Development Manager for the "Caring for the Mentally Ill Charities Corporation" Reggie also holds other volunteer positions in the City of Riverside, such as being an active Commissioner for the Budget Engagement Committee at City Hall and an active volunteer for the Riverside Police Department. Reggie is also a Home Lending Advisor at Chase Bank where he helps many potential Homebuyers become Homeowners and assist with other home financial needs. You will also find Reggie active in his local church working as a volunteer with the Prison Ministry Program where he goes to the prisons to speak to the prisoners about Hope. Reggie's drive and compassion comes from Scripture that highlights the need for Love in all we do daily. He was attracted to our organization, "Caring for the Mentally Ill Charities Corporation" for its work directed to the seriously mentally ill and its consequent issues of homelessness, victimization, incarceration and suicides.